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Hey, everyone! I am Artcentric’s owner and founder, Russell Wilbar.  I hope to be showing vlogs and blog posts of my new gallery and frame shop, Artcentric. I thought that I would start by writing a bit about what I hope Artcentric to be. I hope to maybe share some of the “little victories” and “setbacks” that came and went, just to get to this point, but perhaps that’s another blog post altogether!

A gallery 20 years in the making — has it been that long? Here’s a bit more about what we seek to do at Artcentric:

Custom Fine Art and Picture Framing

This is something the staff and I really enjoy doing! I have been in the industry personally for about 25 years, and love working with people creatively. Framing has its own little idiosyncrasies (take that thesaurus!) which, navigating through, can be frustrating. Unlike what you might find in the bigger box stores, we do not sell frames.  We provide a framing service which is quite a bit different. I hope that we can provide you with the style and fit that you love and demonstrate everything we can do to make your project truly a valued experience! You can easily request a quote to get our thoughts on your project, as well as an approximate price and a coupon. I encourage you to use this resource as it is an excellent way to get more clarity on the price and framing concepts that fit your project.

Art Events and Gallery

Artcentric is not just a name on the sign. We truly enjoy the immense amount of talent in this city and hope to show it in our space at 7172 W. 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge Colorado, 80033. I am currently remodeling the place, but it is going to be an amazing space to show art when we are done! I knew the second I saw this space that it could really be something special! 12’ ceilings, exposed brick, great lighting and art that hopefully inspires you. Wheat Ridge is an awesome place to be and we hope that you qill stop by and see what artists and events we have planned. We do have an e-newsletter if you would like to know more about our shows and artists. We also welcome you to follow us on social media too!

Workshops and Classes

Personally, I would love to help anyone find the joys of being part of a creative group or class. At any skill level or age. Just like any other exercise — physical, mental or emotional — practicing a creative pursuit will show you more and more benefits as you go along. I hope to not only inspire people to think more creatively but give them the physical space and time to do it. I hope to offer a chance for families to work on something creative together. I know that I love the time that my 7-year-old girl and I spend together making art projects. These creative opportunities will invite you to take a class and learn a new creative skill, sharpen an existing talent or just meet up and have fun! Go out! Be creative! We want to help and hope to see you. Be sure to follow our social media and e-newsletter for updates on upcoming events.

We cannot wait for you to get involved with all of the exciting things we have ahead of us. Thank you for reading!

PLC (Peace, Love, Creativity),