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Not all shadow boxes are created equal. In conservation framing we try to make everything we do 100% reversible. This means when we do not use any product that will damage a sports jersey. We realize that a jersey can have a significant value and be highly collectible. A typical signed NFL Jersey is a $300 investment. An inexperienced framer can ruin the value of the jersey through applying glue or harsh adhesives to the fabric of the Jersey. We do not use any adhesives in making our shadow boxes. How do we mount the Jerseys to a paper matboard without glue or tape? We use specific tools meant put a small plastic stint in the lining of the fabric called an attach-eze.

This allows us to mount a jersey and allows us to remove the jersey with a simple razor blade and there is no damage or permanent marks on the fabric. This works for most fabrics, but not all. If the fabric is really fine then a lot of times it needs to be sown down into place. This is exactly how we mounted 2 fine silk paintings from Japan. The fabric was so fine that a hole from an attach-eze would be noticeable and permanent so we elected to hand sow. This is a longer more involved way of mounting fabric, but is a better option in some cases.

The direction, style, and mounting methods of the shadow box is something that is determined between the designer and the client. At Artcentric we discuss all of your options and price points to ensure you get the most value for your shadow box project. If you are considering a shadow box for a sports jersey, collectible, or unusual piece, We would love to help!

Russell Wilbar,

PLC @ artcentric.design