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At Artcentric, our love for local art and artists is why we opened our doors. We are committed to selling artwork that is affordable and can breathe new life into your home. Please come by and discover new art that you will love and support the local art community.

Artwork on permanent display:

We have the honor of showing the artwork of Belle Hoffman and Joe Cauchi. These works are all originals and date from the 1920’s to the 1950’s.

Joe Cauchi:

Joe Cauchi was a first generation immigrant who moved to America from Malta. Looking for a better life than that offered by war torn Europe and the rise of fascist dictatorships in his homeland. He began his artistic journey in the 1930’s depression era, painting the rural and port city workers. His work is a true salute to the humanity of those workers. The brush work and rolling landscapes are a truly great example of the WPA style of the 1930’s. While looking at these paintings one can really get a sense of empathy for the workers, the solitude of the great American landscape, as well as the fear and anger of fascism.

Belle Hoffman

From the Belle Hoffman estate we have a collection of her original water color paintings. circa 1920’s

Belle Hoffman was an exceptional and prolific artist who had a strong influence on the American women’s art movement.  Born 1882, in Garrettsville, Ohio. Belle quickly showed a real talent in painting. Although not formally taught, she applied and was excepted as an apprentice for the advertising firm of L.S.& B. Co., where she developed outstanding skills and recognition as a fashion illustrator. She later moved to New York Where she worked in her own studio and further developed her fashion illustration. She later returned to Cleveland and studied under Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She consistently exhibited in The Cleveland Museum of Art and still has pieces in their collection. In 1912 Belle founded The Women’s Art Club of Cleveland, the first such club in the country! This club still exists today with strong contributions to the Cleveland and national women’s art movement. Our collection on display are mainly various floral watercolors from her travels in California.  But we have paintings she did throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia. 

Local Art (Original & Prints):

At Artcentric our mission is to be a gallery for the community. We will always be a place where you can find that great “got to have” piece that is perfect for your home and is from a local artist. This means we not only carry original work from community artists, but a full selection of prints as well. This is wonderful artwork that you will only find here! Plus if you by the art from us and want it framed we take 20% off the framing! Making it something original, affordable, and supports the art community!

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