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The 52 painted birds project by Christopher Bennett @ Artcentric January 6, 2023


Hey Everyone! New Years is just around the corner. It is the time of year where many of us reflect on the year that was and look to the year ahead. In this reflection and planning we come up with resolutions. Promises we make to ourselves for various reasons, and with varying degrees of success. Our first show of 2023 at Artcentric is a resolution, a promise made and kept. The result was really quite stunning and a source of pride for us all.

About Christopher Bennett:

Christopher Bennett is an artist and bird watching enthusiast in Denver. Like most artists he had a vision for a grand project. Christopher wanted to give people a break from the chaotic world we live in, and reflect on the beauty of the natural world. His goal was to paint a watercolor of a different bird every week for a year. Along his journey he was brought into contact with art and bird enthusiasts from around the world. Soon he was taking suggestions from followers of what bird to paint next and what background to place them in. This gave his paintings a new and deeper sense of spontaneity. The paintings have unique compositions and color that make them work as individual pieces. But to see a group of these paintings together really creates the theme of one artists journey. It is not uncommon that an art show is a journey of one persons expressive thoughts throughout the year. But it is rare that the viewer can actually follow the artist’s journey from week to week, and see the progress of where Christopher was at week 4 as compared to week 28. At Artcentric we thought that it was integral to the show to Display the work in the chronological order it was made. Allowing you to walk from week 1 to week 52. We encourage you to come to our show January 6, 2023 (1st Friday) and see this truly one of a kind show. For more information on Christopher’s 52 painted bird project visit: https://cbennettart.com/

“I believe we are stronger together and want to connect, despite our differences. I hope to bring a moment of tranquility and beauty into your day by sharing the mesmerizing beauty of birds, along with the creative spirit that art ignites in us all.”-Christopher Bennett


How this came about: A story of creative synergy

On a personal note I would also like to add how I know Christopher. We had met through some art events many years ago but were only vaguely familiar with each other. When I made the decision to pursue opening my own gallery I quit working full time. I needed the personal time and space to imagine the type of business I wanted, and really focus on how I could be a unique voice in the industry. Being a single dad, however, I always try to have an emergency fund for my daughter. So I thought a part time job would be more of a natural fit for me. It just so happened that Christopher needed part time help for his company and hired me to work for him. The job fit perfect with my schedule, and I started working for him. As with most jobs we would talk about our personal lives and the small things. We both began sharing stories of our art and projects, and quickly the subjects would turn to his 52 bird painting project and my gallery opening. He would show me his paintings and I would show him the logo designs, floor plans, and whatever else I was working on! Quickly we became friends. It was so great to have a creative person to talk to. We both had these visions of what our projects would look like. The influence of our conversations is what became Artcentric today. His offering me a job did more than just help me financially but gave me inspiration to pursue this idea worth having. Now I have the opportunity to help in displaying his work a full year project as best as I can. To me it truly feels that we willed a great show to happen! What you will be seeing on January 6th is the work of many conversations, laughs, and tears. It is my personal honor to have such a great artist and person showing his work for the 1st and more than likely last time! These are all the originals we hope you can come by and share this combined experience. We both hope you come by Artcentric and take the journey!

PLC (Peace, Love, Creativity),