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Be a creative learner in 2023

Artcentric is happy to ring in the new year with creative learning workshops for the community. These workshops are for all skill levels of people who want to be a part of this creative learning culture! The benefits of creative learning are well noted, neurological studies are showing more and more that actively engaging creative pathways in the brain leads to a reduction of stress and anxiety. Creative thinking allows imagination and observation to work together and is known to help in decision making, as well as, becoming more “artful” ie. creative. “A creative class helps in making you more creative?”… Who would have thought! I truly hope that more people take the time for themselves to work on their own creativity and maybe make some new friends from the community.

Our 1st Class is this month January 19th 6-8pm: a mixed media sunflower painting class. Laurie Waalkes (artist, teacher, and friend of the gallery) will be instructing in our beautiful new gallery space. The class will familiarize you with the paints, medium, collage techniques, and tools needed to make your own mixed media painting. I know that I will be there trying to figure it out myself and would love to work along side other creatives. The cost of the class is $40 and you don’t need to bring anything but your imagination. All the tools and materials are provided. Let’s make 2023 a year to be a little more artcentric! If you are interested in this, or any possible upcoming classes or events, please subscribe to our newsletter or email me directly at plc@artcentric.design.